For 30 years, Total Immersion Swimming has led the world in developing efficient strokes for any swimmer, using a mindful and technical approach from its founder, ASCA Level 5 coach Terry Laughlin.

Terry Laughlin Total Immersion Founder

In his early days as a swimmer and coach, Terry observed that fast swimmers used methods of balance and efficiency for speed, as opposed to the old-school approach of more push, kick, and pull. Great swimmers simply make it look easy, and Terry adapted and created drills, focal points, and training plans so that a faster, more efficient stroke, was achievable by anybody.

Total Immersion swimmers have been everything from complete beginners to world champions in triathlon, swimmers in the Olympics, marathon swimmers, age top age group competitors in the pool. Some swimmers are just looking to understand and enjoy their swimming more, too.

Sandra & Karen pictured above

Hong Kong boasts one of the longest-standing and experienced teams of coaches with Total Immersion in the world. Ex Olympian Karen Robertson and New Zealand water Polo player Sandra Taylor lead Hong Kong’s only TI level 2 program, and through regular trainings and outreach have developed one of the largest teams of TI coaches in the world.

With multiple training sites and some of the most innovative teaching and resource use of any program, Total Immersion with Float Plus can help your continuing development as a swimmer or triathlete towards any objective of ease, efficiency, speed, or endurance. 



Learn to cooperate with - rather than fight - gravity. Balance gives you a comfortable, weightless and stable body position. It also allows you to immediately replace “survival stroking? with a long, relaxed, unhurried stroke -- the swimming equivalent of jogging or walking during a long run. Balance is the foundation of control and confidence that paves the way for every skill that follows.


Drag or water resistance does more than anything else to rob you of speed and endurance. Streamlining is the solution. In Passive Streamlining, you shape your body to be longer, sleeker, more hydrodynamic. In Active Streamlining, you learn to move through the water rather than stir it up or push it aside. Reduce drag and immediately swim farther, faster, with less effort.

Effective Propulsion

We’ll teach you to propel more effectively and save energy in two ways: (i) Channel available forces (gravity and body mass) instead of generating muscular forces; and (ii) Shift the workload from weaker, fatigue-prone muscles in shoulders, arms and legs to powerful and fatigue-resistant muscles in the core.

Enhancing stroke length

Speed is defined by Stroke Length and Stroke Rate (Tempo). The key to increase speed is to increase tempo without losing efficiency (stroke length). First we focus on enhancing stroke length without compromising speed.

Open Water Swimming Skills -

Necessary open water swimming skills such as sighting, swimming straight and drafting to maintain your speed.At the end of all our workshops you will be given all video files on USB drives so that you can bring it home. The drive also includes sample drill videos performed by Dave himself.

What to bring

For the classroom: Medical Release form, pad and pen for note taking.

For the pool: An extra suit & towel if you want dry ones for the afternoon swim, an extra pair of goggles. We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks, which can make balance even more of a challenge.

For enquiries please contact admin (email is preferred)

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