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In additon to boosting one's self-confidence and providing a great form of exercise, learning to swim is a vital survival skill for young and old. A good programme teaches much more than how to get across the pool; it teaches how to be safe in and around water, whether at a pool, on the beach or off a boat.
Robin Bredbury, Sandra Taylor and Karen Robertson make up the core of the FLOAT+ team and, with many years experience, are committed to providing quality instruction in a safe, yet fun, environment for children and adults of all abilities.

This is achieved through small class sizes, strong class organisation, a clear consistent instruction style and a logical progression of swimming skills. All aspects of swimming are covered, from floating and breathing to stroke mechanics and competitive skills.

FLOAT+ offers two different achievement certificate programmes that help provide continuous assessment for the instructors, parents and, of course, the children:

  • The Challenge Award certificates focuses on technique for all levels except for Waterbabies
  • P.A.S.S. ( Pool and Survival Skills) A strong emphasis is also placed on water safety + survival skills for all ages and the P.A.S.S testing is introduced for children aged between 3 years to 8 years of age to test personal survival skills including wearing clothes in the water, floating and treading water

Whatever your age or ability, we have a class group or private to suit you or your childs need in a safe, professional and stress-free environment.

Looking forward to seeing you in the pool!


For enquiries please contact admin (email is preferred)

Email:  admin@floatplus.hk          Phone:  +852 6504 8283